Can’t afford to start a business?


You are eager and enthusiastic to start a business but you are on a tight budget and don’t think you have the necessary funds too start a business… don’t be discouraged this is how you can start a successful business with no money.

1. Find a problem that needs to be solved.

This will cost you nothing. Perhaps you already know an area in your field of expertise that needs improvement. Or perhaps in your community there is a problem that everyone faces, you can use this problem as an opportunity to build a business.

 2. Create a solution to this problem.

Once you have identified the problem you need to come up with a solution that people will want to pay for. Your solution should be affordable, competitive and scalable. When you are strapped for money it is  better to opt for a service based business over a product based business, because products cost money to make.

3 .Pitch your solution to the people who need it most.

Depending on the nature of the business you can start to pitch your business ideas to potential clients. If it is a service based business you can start to present your service to potential clients and ask for deposits. You can  use the deposits to cover any cost that may be incurred while performing the service. Alternatively if you have a product based business you can start pitching your idea to potential to friends , family and investors, they can help you raise the necessary money needed to launch your product. Also pitching your ideas can help you network with the necessary people who can help you develop your product.

4.Use the capital you make to re-invest in your business.

The profits you make or money you raise can be re-invested in growing and expanding your business.  Just like that you have a business built from R0.



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