We are always keen in partnering with financial institutions that through a partnership we can improve financial literacy as well as financial inclusion. One of the ways we can do this is by creating materials and content that will inform our users more about your respective financial products. This way they can be armed with the right information to use financial products effectively to achieve their financial goals.

At Kukura Capital we are building a community of fantastic people who are working towards financial freedom. We also are driven to reward our community of financial literate peers. If you signup with Kukura Capital and login while use the website you will be awarded points for your engagement with the content(such as leaving comments, reading articles) and these points will be resourceful in the future, such as to gain access to exclusive materials on the site.

Kukura Capital is a growing platform that is more recently branching out more and more into financial technology as a means to contribute to the development of the financial services industry. In regards to our financial technology developments we take the form of a tech start-up, and relating to this we are always keen to meet up with angel investors who share our vision and want to be part of digitalising the financial services and improving the customer experience.