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So you have a great product ? Or offer a one in a kind product? Now what , how do you get people to buy it, to know about it? – Marketing. I always founds marketing to be such an abstract concept and an oversold concept There so many marketing companies that unfortunately do not to a great job, and on top of this the best marketing strategies or concepts were not even conceptualized by your  marketing experts. Marketers are often given a bad reap for over complicating concept and make poor adverts that do not boost sells and cost a lot of money. Also in this new day an age old school marketing just want make the mark, so what will? Here are five affordable ways to effective market your brand and strategically position your product or services for you client?

1.Team up with influencers. 

The term “influencers” is perhaps the biggest buzz word. Everyone wants to be an “influencer” as it is emerging as a possible lucrative carrier. There are other people who role their eyes at the idea of influencers and cannot believe how much these category of people get paid for making a post. Whichever side of the spectrum you lean, the power of influencers should not be underestimated. This day an age people spend endless hours on social media, it is estimated that the average person spends () on Instagram. Scrolling through their timelines wishing they had what everybody has, you should use this to your advantage. Effective influencers are able to build a certain trust with their followers, that when they recommend a product, their followers are going to purchase it as well. This is a very effective way to get your foot in the door and gain a lot of traction and build off of this momentum. The trick here is to pick an influencers that does not just have a lot of follows but has a lot of engagement from their audience. The engagement can be measured on how many posts and likes they receive. The better their engagement, the better of an option they are to team up with and market products with.

There two main ways in which you can team up with influencers. You can ask them market your product on their channel, and in exchange you pay a fee for them to do it. Alternatively you can collaborate with them and produce content together and market based this partnership.

2. Social media is your friend.

This relates to the first , but allows you to grow your own audience and evading having to pay other social media influencers to market your products. You can create a profile for your business on social media and build an audience and market on this platform for free. As your platform grows so will you reach. Also as your platform grows, the more leverage you will have amongst other influencers, and will be able to negotiate better deals if you were team up. For example if you team up with an influencer who has the same amount of followers as you , you could collaborate on your content , and market it together and negotiate with the other influencer that they do not do it for a fee.

3. Get the right peoples attention.

As you are building your audience and still starting you may not want to get pay for marketing in order to have your business notice. Using social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram you could tag brands in your posts. If your post is regarded as good, or promotes the company you tagged they may re post and this will be great. If a big company re-posts your posts , this will allow you company to get exposure to their thousands or millions of follows, at no cost, and this will bring traction to your website.

4. Target the right platforms to market from.

This is important when marketing your product and services, not only do you need to know you target audience, but also you need to know which platform bust suits what you wish to market. For example, if you are a fashion designer who designs fashion product, you would be best marketing you product on a platform that focuses on visuals, like Instagram. It would not be ideal starting or marketing your products on a podcast where your audience would not be able to see your product.

5. Make you product or product information easily accessible 

This is key, depending on want you are marketing you want which ever platform you are using to allow taking action buying your product or service easy. There should be a button or link that is easy to access that will allow the audience to purchase from your business. This is not possible with all platforms, such as advertising through marketing with a podcast. Podcast can be every effective tools to market, but when marketing with a podcast you are very limited in terms what and how much you can market. With podcast you often can only advertise one product, because you want to audience to remember the product being advertised, because there no links or buttons in a podcast they will have look for it themselves. Podcast descriptions are often over looked and not every effective spaces for marketing. Also with podcast you cannot over bombard the user with steps on how to purchase and item or get it because they will loose interest and skip over it. These things that are avoidable with YouTube.

Bonus tip : 

Do not make the mistake of running advert campaigns on social media. These may appear to be very effective means to spread the word but they are not. Social media platforms over charge for this services, and for you to be best positioned on the platform the more you are going to have to pay. Also the conversion rate through advert campaigns, verse influencers is much lower, per rand spent. The amount clients you will get from influencers for the same amount of money with adverts speaks for itself. Adverts on social media should be afforded unless you have the budget to optimise from the service they offer.



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