The Financial Freedom Kit is designed to help you achieve financial freedom. The way you can access the data is by entering it in the form below. This data will be secured only accessible to you through your login credentials. Once you have completed the form , which only takes a few seconds to complete , you can download our free app, Financial Friend.

Financial Friend is guided by artificial intelligence to give you financial suggestions and information that can better inform your financial decisions. Financial Friend can tell you how far along you are with your saving and investing goals. It can also give you some tips on how to achieve goals.

Financial Friend is the friend that is easy to chat to and will help you with all of your financial questions. You can ask Financial Friend about the different investment vehicles on the market if you wish to learn more about them.This also gives you the opportunity to improve your financial literacy. At the moment Financial Friend is able to provide assistance on topics that relate to banking, saving, investing , retirement and taxes. The App only gets smarter with time. If there are any additional topics that you wish to have covered by the App please feel free leave behind some feedback.

Using Financial Friend is super easy, it just like texting a friend. The App is super easy to navigate and fun to use. Managing and monitoring your personal finances has never been easier. Also improving your financial literacy as easy as a chat with your friend.

Just to add to the great news with Financial Friend you can get live information about the top 40 performing stocks and the JSE and all the listed ETFs. Just type in the listed security that you wish to learn more about , and get immediate information that will help you make a valuble financial decision.

Once you have completed the form , right click the highlighted link called "Edit response" . Once you have right clicked the link copy the link and keep a copy of this link. We recommend that you email this link to yourself that way you cannot misplace it. This link will allow you to update your the data on your personal finances. We are working on fully integrating this feature into the mobile application.